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Legacy Conversations records the memories of South African Security Forces Members of all ranks, units and races.  In two years, more than 500 videos were recorded and made public. We need your assistance to carry on.  If you so wish, become a Patron for $5 per month which will give you access to exclusive content: -

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Tales of Service, Bravery, and Honour

South African Army
Special Forces


Ops Savannah

South African Police Force (1913 - 1994)


32 Battalion


201/31 Bn 
The Bushman Battalion


South African
Railway Police


61 Mech

South African
Defence Force


(from other Forces)


Legacy Presenters


Koos Kotzé is a former member of the South African Police Force, attorney, and author that wrote 12 books on law, history, and security/counter-terrorism issues.


When asked by George M James to host the Legacy Conversations Channel he jumped at the chance.


Koos is happily married to Rebecca, a successful businesswoman.


Vossie Vorster served in the SAAF – ending his career as Alo 3 Flight Engineer at 16 Squadron in Port Elizabeth. A few different rolls followed after leaving the SAAF, then at the turn of the new century, the family moved to Ireland to accept a work opportunity, and stayed on.


Vossie tends to have an open mind and an interest in many different topics of conversation – traditional family and Faith values seem to rule his thought patterns. 

Legacy Sponsor - GEORGE M JAMES

George M James is a pseudo name for the author.


He is an expert on counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency operations in sub-Saharan Africa, a military historian, and a published author of more than 50 books.


Without his support, the Legacy Interviews cannot be done. 

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Special Forces Interviews / SADF Memories
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