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Where freedom of speech is more prevalent.

It is impossible to deny that often only one side of a discussion is heard these days. And that you are spoonfed to whatever you wish to believe. Let us take any of the social media giants - Rubbish Book, Tickle Tockle Who Cares, and the Twitchery, as examples. Should you search just once on a particular subject you will be bombarded with such subjects when you log in again and thus never hear the other side unless you look for it. Absolutely everything you look at, search for, and download, is recorded and then analysed to build a profile on you which will tell them who you are likely to vote for, what you will likely eat, likely date, likely religion, and everything else you can mention. Yet this is only one side of the evil that is supposedly created "to do no harm" (LOL). There is another...

The outright suppression of freedom of speech (or thinking) by simply banning or soft banning whatever and whoever is disagreed with. This is happening all the time. These bans are not based on science or facts but often on deep-rooted liberal beliefs and feelings. In other words, juvenile tantrums deprived of logic, common sense or even decency.

Mainstream media can be trusted to have no desire for freedom of speech. It is either their way or view or the highway. They are not open to the legal dictum of Audi Alterim Partem, that is to hear the other side first before you judge. Or to be independent when judging anything. And they get away with this because they are not governments and can do what they please. Yet they fulfil the role of a State Buro of Censorship. Fascinating is that they usually, well, if you read George M James, he quotes the statistics in his books, about 94% against what is known as conservative views. It is in no way a fair or level playing field and there is nothing you can do about that legally. They will not stop either.

But let me warn you. This is Fascism happening right in front of you as explained many times in George M James's book - OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism. That is what happens when State and Private Businesses take hands to do what the State cannot do legally. It is rife in the world. Remember perhaps the Soviet Union's Five Year Plans, or Nazi Germany's Four Year Plans? Today it is called PPP or Private Public Partnership. Same story, same result and thus you need to be prepared since nothing good will come from it. In fact, it breaks the holy separation between Church and State. Therefore, Legacy Conversations created a YouTube alternative at Rumble.

Now Rumble is a known conservative platform where, ironically, freedom of speech is much higher rated than at YouTube. If you have not heard of the platform I will ask you to do a Google search on it and see how it is derided as a "conspiracy" platform. Then go there and look around. You will find all the views that are suppressed and banned from mainstream there. You will find active debates too. Once you have both sides of the story you can make an informed decision on where you stand. That is how life is supposed to be and in a way used to be before the mainstream evil started dominating and flexing its muscles. My view is that those that fear to hear the other side are cowards besides being intellectually challenged. They fear taking the chance of being exposed as wrong or even proven right. Thus they would rather ban or soft ban and live in the dream world of being always right. It is frankly a scary place to be.

You can find the Legacy Conversations alternative at this link: If needs be, yet another will be created. All the YouTube videos will also be loaded at Rumble but there will be some Legacy videos only on Rumble when I judge such action to be necessary. So YouTube will not disappear, but it will not have the full list of videos either.

I urge you to subscribe to this website or from where I can inform you what is happening with the videos. Or you might one day look for Legacy on YouTube and find nothing or miss out on good conversations unrestrained by censorship.

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