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Updated: Aug 14

Where memories are kept.

Some two months ago, my friend, George M James, asked me to host a YouTube Channel called Legacy Conversations. His idea was to record the memories of former South African Special Forces members to ensure that an oral record is kept of their adventures. At the same time, to record former South African Police Force members. They too have great stories to tell. As life is, it soon expanded to include the Security Forces Magazine, Nongqai. There you will find every month high-quality stories with pictures by former spies, soldiers, policemen and diplomats. From all this came the idea to include former members of the SADF, the South African Defence Force.

I don’t think that there is another channel quite like this one. It is a place where former enemies can reach out without anger. A place where long-forgotten heroics are remembered and where members are rightfully honoured. Those that served will understand. Those that did not will learn what it was like when we were young. Should you have served in the SADF or Police Force or in National Intelligence, come and tell us your story. We are interested in you. In fact, every Special Forces member interviewed said to me: “All contributed… All are important… Get their stories before it is too late.”

I can be reached through the contact form on the home page or by email at Thank you to all who shared, commented, and liked the channel. You too are making this possible.

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