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Closing in 100,000 views and 1,000 subscribers.

I wish to thank all of you for coming to the channel. Under the channel's "DISCUSSION" I leave informational messages which range from advertising to SW Fourie's book, SIERRA WHISKEY - Ten Years in South African Special Forces. The hardcovers (numbered 1-50) are now sold out. There are still about 200 softcovers available in South Africa and of course, Amazon. Thank you for that. For South African copies please contact SW directly at

When we started the channel a few months ago we did not expect exponential growth. Yet we are now close to 100,000 views and 1,000 subscribers. This means that YouTube is now monetizing the channel. You will soon see ads at the beginning of the videos. I have no control over this and my opinion was not asked - that is their rules and we have to live with it. Having said this, the only way that you can really support this channel is to buy George M James's books - the one that started all this as well as SW Fourie who agreed to tell his astonishing story to us. From that came all else. And when you read the books, please give a good review somewhere. Especially GMJ's books are repressed because of the truths in them. Military history and tactics, for instance, that you will not read anywhere else. Books that you should enjoy if you like the videos.

Nothing else will change - YouTube ads or not - Legacy Conversations will always remain a place where memories are kept. All are welcome, not only the elite units, or senior officers, all are welcome to contact me to be recorded. Because of the volumes, you might not be recorded within a few weeks. However, the basic presumption here is that ALL are welcome. Oddly, this is not a "Border War Channel." These are the memories of veterans. Should the war features in those memories, fine, if not, also good.

I noticed a need for psychological assistance to many veterans - so we are getting - soon I hope - a highly experienced psychologist to give us a talk. He also is a former 32 Battalion Company Commander. It is not shameful to understand that your brain, a most complex design that no human can copy or even explain properly, might be in need of assistance. Few of you reading here would not have had flashbacks etc. after completing your service. It is not by chance. So let us approach the good doctor with an open mind.

And that is the news. Please spread the word and stay safe.

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