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SW Fourie's paper copies arrived in South Africa

It took some time and lots of curses towards the courier company that managed to not return one single phone call since last week Thursday and losing 9 boxes of books for a few days but Sierra Whiskey - Ten Years in South African Special Forces, arrived.

SW is rather happy, I would say, and will soon courier (not the other lot) his book to those that ordered it. If not ordered yet, well, the hardcovers are gone, sold out. But, the softcovers are still available. Kindly contact SW Fourie directly at +27 82 860 1677 or at if you wish to attend his book launches across South Africa and or to order your copy from him.

I wish to thank all involved in this book, SW, GMJ, Rebecca, and those of you that support Legacy Conversations. We are grateful. Koos

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