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The Legacy Partners Playlist

Time to give back.

We created the Legacy Partners Playlist to assist the viewers. In it we wish to promote episodes that will enable the viewer to improve his life and circumstance should he wish to do so. I say "he" because the channel is watched by 98% males mostly above the age of 45. Many of those watching struggle because of circumstances outside their control.

When I was a young attorney I felt that the legal profession can assist the police, SAPS, with training. Especially in complex fraud and also, more importantly, civilian matters. How often did we not walk into a marriage dispute, or children, and such things? If only we had the knowledge to give common sense advice instead of turning away and stating to the control room that it was a civilian matter. When you study law you soon realise that criminal law and procedure is actually an unimportant subject at law school. 95% of your time is spent on civil matters like contracts, disputes, intellectual property and of course conveyancing. There is more to life than criminal activities. Yet we had no knowledge. My offer to assist was rejected, by the way, and the shambles continues to this day where most people lost confidence in the SAPS.

My wife, Rebecca, always says that when 50 you have a story to tell. You have been through the school of life and hard knocks. In fact, it fits perfectly into the South African idea that grey hair means wisdom - or ringkoppe in Afrikaans. Fine, that is not always true but what if you can gain access to free expert advice?

You already have it here at Legacy Conversations- Firstly, the stories being told are all based on experience and school fees - any young soldier or policeman or anyone else willing to listen will learn much. I seriously think that NATO should drop their airs and start listening to our knowledge but of course, they know it all, and their pathetic counterterrorism/counterinsurgency results everywhere are there to be jeered at.

Fine, but what if we start helping each other with expert knowledge in business, law, tactics, self-defence and strategic thinking? Well, we already are, Legacy Legal is a playlist that will explain many current legal issues to you - but you need to go there and help yourself with the knowledge gained over two decades.

Now we have Legacy Partners - that is where you can learn about strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, psychology and whatever else comes along the way. We already have Kevin Johnson making a 10 episode series to show us how entrepreneurs think - the first episode will be out on 10 November 2021. We have (Major) Frans J van Staden, a highly experienced psychologist, willing to talk to us about mental health. Let me tell you, that saying of "ruk jou reg en wees 'n man" is harmful to you and those you love. It is nonsense, the human brain is complex and there is no shame in understanding that what you were exposed to would affect most normal people.

There will be more services than the above available. Note that all the current ones are courtesy of 32 Bn veterans whom we honour and thank. I invite all of you to support the new playlist and if you have specialist skills to bring them to us to share with each other. Remember, when I see you, I see proud men and women. I see young fit people that did incredible things without reward or even a thank you. The time is here to raise yourself again to those levels because no one else will help you. It is that simple.

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